The Mirador proprietary piping system is particularly tailored for small diameters and industrial applications. Pipes and fittings are designed for working pressure of 10 bar and temperatures of well below –50C up to +90C.

The piping system combines the benefits of steel, plastic and composite piping systems in one product with attractive properties such as strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and quick installation.

A simple and patented splicing (jointing) technology using adhesive, enables quick, flexible, and inexpensive installation and ensures excellent quality control.

The splicing technology allows for flexibility in integrating with existing piping systems and efficient use of “off the shelf” components. The splicing technology is approved for jointing metal pipes with the Mirador fittings. The Mirador pipe is standardised to the same outside diameters as steel pipes.

The Mirador piping system reduces risk of bacterial growth due to smooth and non-porous surfaces.

Pipes and fittings are made in glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).

THE MIRADOR PIPE is manufactured by a pullwinding method combining heavy axial and transverse glass reinforcement with vinylester in a continuous production process. Due to the high axial stiffness of the pipe no additional supporting is required compared to similar systems of any metals. The strength of the pipe minimises the risk of damage during both installation and operation.

THE MIRADOR FITTINGS are injection moulded using a short glass fibre and vinylester or phenolics moulding compound. The moulding process is based on latest technology and experience with moulding materials and tool design.

THE MIRADOR PIPING SYSTEM IS DESIGNED for industrial applications such as commercial buildings, oil, energy & petrochemical industries, manufacturing & process industries and marine applications. Examples of applications are:

• Fresh water
• Sea water
• Service air
• Fire fighting
• Sewage
• Inert gas
• Mild chemicals
• Other utility

See Product Specification for further info.